Weather and Tides


We have 100s of wrecks starting 50 yards offshore, in water ranging from 50 to 300 feet deep. Wrecking is where you’re most likely to see the big “eating fish”.


Wrecking in Cornwall on the Blue Pointer

We have wrecks good for Pollack, some that are more likely to turn up Cod, some we fish for Ling and some for eels, whatever you want really. A good run of Pollack will see fish of 8lb to 14lb in the summer with the really big fish turning up in January and Februaury. The boat’s best in 2013 was 22lb


Although Pollack don’t have the glamour of cod, they tend to be more plentiful in better sizes and fight a lot better with long head-down runs back into the wreck. We fish a lot with live bait as it is the best and catches just about all wreck species. When the bait is hard to come by, we use a variety of shads and jellies.


Wrecking in Cornwall on the Blue Pointer


Our best cod fishing tends to be between May and December and we can get great runs of fish between 5lb and 14lb on and around the wrecks. The biggest cod tend to be fairly solitary and can turn up anywhere at any time. Our best to date is 28lb empty. 

Wrecking in Cornwall on the Blue Pointer


We have first class Ling fishing in our waters. They seem to like the depth and the strong tides and clear water. A good day Linging will see an average fish size of about 16lb or 18lb and plenty of them. Ling are a fine fish to catch as they get big and, unlike an eel, they taste good as well.



We mostly do our Linging on the drift rather than at anchor, and save it for slack days with light winds. We drift slowly right through the middle of the wreck and look for the bigger fish using baited hokeyes or mackerel/pouting flappers 




Congers stink and cover the boat in stink and taste revolting, but they do get big and they do fight well so we go Congering a bit during the summer and autumn. We fish very close to or normally in the edge of the wreck and would expect to see fish pretty soon after getting the gear in. If we haven’t had a fish within an hour or so then we will probably look at relocating. Congers are not fished for commercially these day so stocks are good and slow days are rare. 


Cheer up Mike, a five pound whiting is a great fish, especially on a grey and otherwise slow day!