Weather and Tides

  Terms and Conditions


Blue Pointer Charter (the Company Partners and any person in the paid employ thereof) shall hereafter be referred to as BPC.

“Customer” refers to any person looking to book a trip aboard the Blue Pointer or any person aboard the Blue Pointer as a fare paying passenger 


1. Damage to Personal Property and Personal Safety

1.1 BPC accepts no responsibility for accident or injury to a person occurring a result of  any customer failing to follow any instruction and advice given in writing or verbally on or prior to a trip aboard the Blue Pointer

1.2 The Blue Pointer and any vessel used to board the Blue Pointer are not considered suitable environments for electronic and/or fragile property such as cameras, camcorders, music playing devices and similar items. The deck of the boat can get wet, spray and water may come onto the boat from over the side or from hoses on the boat ant any time without warning. Electronic items that are likely to be damaged if they get wet should be carried on waterproof containers and are used entirely at the owners risk. No safe storage is provided for personal effects and property

1.3 BPC accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property occurring a result of  any customer failing to follow any instruction and advice given in writing or verbally on or prior to a trip aboard the Blue Pointer

1.4 Personal property will remain the responsibility of the owner at all times and BPC accepts no responsibility for damage occurring to any personal property as a result of being dropped, falling to the floor or getting wet whilst aboard or whilst boarding the Blue Pointer from the shore or another vessel


2.0 Bookings

2.1 Bookings are only to be considered to be confirmed when explicit confirmation of that fact is sent by BPC. This confirmation will contain details of the date, approximate time of start and duration of the tip as well as the number of Customers that are to be aboard the Blue Pointer. Written confirmation will normally take the form of an email but could be on paper or contained within a text message

2.2 A booking can only be confirmed once a deposit securing the date has been received as well as contact details to include a phone number of the customer. Once the deposit is received, written confirmation of the trip will be sent by BPC as per 2.1 above

2.3 Deposits are fully refundable if the trip has to be cancelled by the customer 6 or more weeks from the date of the trip

2.4 If the trip is cancelled by the customer within 6 weeks of the trip, any deposit paid by the customer is non-refundable

2.5 In the event that the weather, mechanical breakdown of the Blue Pointer, illness of the Skipper or any other unforeseen circumstance prevents BPC from being able to fulfill a customer’s booking, any deposits or monies paid to secure the trip will be refunded if required, or the trip will be moved to another available date to suit the customer

2.6 BPC shall not be liable for any financial or any other loss occurring as a result of having to cancel a trip due to unforeseen circumstances


3.0 The Weather

3.1 The customer shall ensure that they have had explicit confirmation that the weather is suitable to go to sea before they turn up for the trip. The customer shall make sure that they contact and are contactable by BPC the evening before any trip, between 7PM and 10PM, and are contactable on the morning of the trip to receive any last minute weather forecast changes. Last minute communications are normally by telephone, if the Customer is unreachable a voice message will be left and a text message will be sent.

3.2 In most instances BPC are able to decide twelve hours before any trip whether the weather will be suitable to go to sea. On the odd occasion that BPC has to change plans last-minute, any last minute cancellations due to the weather forecast will be communicated to the customer, by telephone, text message or email, at least two hours before the agreed start-time


4. Your Statutory Rights

4.1 The above information is not intended to supercede your statutory rights and in no way attempts to absolve BPC of any responsibility for damage or harm caused as a result of negligence on the part of BPC or any person working for it