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It doesn’t get much more exciting.

Shark fishing in Cornwall

The Blue Shark population has really increased in our waters and we hope that everyone has a fish to play rather than wait all day for one shark.


If you want exciting fishing but aren’t too bothered about eating your catch, then Sharking has to be the most exciting. We fish lighter than we do for eels, using 20lb rods and braid, making  even the “small” fish great fun to catch.

Shark fishing in Cornwall from the Helford River

When sharking we start by knocking up some fresh mackerel for hook-baits and chum. We then steam out to about 15 to 20 miles before slowing down and chumming the water for the last two miles. We stop the boat and run out four floats with Shark baits attached and wait. More baits doesn’t result in more fish, just more tangles and lost fish as a result, so we normally fish 4 floats and take it in turns. A good run is so exciting that most people don’t mind whether they are holding the rod or just watching the fight!






All Blue Sharks are put back alive; don’t even ask to kill one. Blues do not taste good and you would do better eating the bait so it really would be a shame to kill what is probably the best looking fish in the sea for nothing.

There’s plenty of opportunity to do some bottom fishing in between the shark action.