Weather and Tides

Pelagic Trolling and livebaiting

Giant Atlantic Bluefin have become a regular visitor to our waters once more after overfishing of the herring and pilchards in the 1960s pretty much stopped their annual migration. At present we are unable to fish for Bluefin but can troll for Bonito, Albacore and Thresher Shark. A couple of Blue Marlin have even been caught in our waters. Any Bluefin caught by accident must be released unharmed and due to their size they will not be brought onto the boat.


We offer Pelagic trolling from August until January.


Please do not underestimate how hard it is to fight some of these large pelagics. This is not for danglers or people with injuries or illnesses. This is proper stand-up fishing where the angler is at a disadvantage. This isn’t about ego, it’s just practicality. I am 6’4″, weigh 18 stone and fish for a living but I have to accept that I cannot fish for Giants due to an old prolapsed disc. If you have a heart condition, forget it! Typical size of an accidentally caught Bluefin for example is 300lb to 400lb with fish over 750lb ¬†seen breaking the surface.¬†


Small groups, serious fishermen with patience, use my gear only unless you check with me first.