Weather and Tides


Below is a list of the common questions, feel free to contact us for more info though.

Do you have a toilet?

We have a proper flushing toilet.


-What time do trips leave?

Although we are licensed to operate at night, Dan needs his beauty sleep so we try to keep to daylight hours.

Full days will generally start between 8AM and 10AM in the Summer and 7AM and 8AM in the Winter. The specific time will normally be arranged a few days before based on whether the AM or PM weather forecast looks better.

Half days normally start at either 9AM or lunch time.

2.5 hours trips normally start at either 9AM, 12 noon or 2.30PM. In the summer we do start trips sometimes at about 5PM.

Once a deposit has been received, we will send a receipt/invoice confirming the details for the trip.


How do I get to you?

For directions Click Here.


Do you provide the fishing gear?

Yes, all gear is provided free of charge but feel free to bring your own favourites.


Do you provide wet weather gear?

No, not normally so please BYO jackets, trousers and shoes/wellies. Unfortunately, as everyone is a different size, we would need to fill the boat to be able to accommodate everyone.


Is there tea/coffee aboard?

No, fraid not. We don’t spend a lot of time sitting at anchor not catching fish so we are normally too busy fishing to make teas and coffees so just bring a thermos.


Is alcohol permitted?

We are obliged to advise against drinking booze on the boat as it decreases balance and judgement etc. If passengers wish to ignore this advice and drink a beer or two during the day, that is up to them and at their own risk. Drunken-ness is not permitted full-stop and will result in going home early at full cost to your party.


Is there an age limit?

Not really. We have had people from babes in arms to geriatrics aboard without any great problems. We supply life-jackets for kids as young as about two or three, below this age you will need to bring your own “baby” lifejacket. Kids under about eight or nine will struggle to fish on their own but get on fine with adult assistance, to fish the wrecks you need to be reasonably strong and we would normally say teenagers upwards get on best. Likewise, if you’re a bit infirm you may find deep water fishing hard work.


Is getting onto the boat easy for less able bodied fishers?

Getting on and off the boat requires an amount of physical agility. The Blue Pointer is often accessed from a smaller boat from the shore and you have to be able to step-up from one to the other (and step down again at the end of the day). Handrails are provided and Dan is available to assist but be prepared for a stretch. To be fair, a moving boat is not the ideal place for somebody who is not good on their feet and standing and fishing in anything other than flat calm conditions is difficult for those with poor balance or weak legs so you may want to think twice about booking a trip, especially a long trip, if your fitness causes you to worry about getting aboard the boat in the first place.


Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

The boat is not designed for wheelchair access but it does depend a lot on the fitness of the wheelchair user. We have had passengers in chairs before who, with a bit of assistance, have boarded the Blue Pointer easier than some “able-bodied” passengers but they have been otherwise very fit. We would say that if you have special access requirements to make sure you let us know well in advance of trip and before booking so we can advise further. We would never want to have to turn someone away just because they are in a wheelchair and we do our best to accommodate everyone.


How do I pay?

Bank transfer or cheque in advance, cash only on the day please.


Can I pay by credit card?

Unfortunately, due to the cost, we do not have card facilities.


Do I keep my catch?

Keep as much as you can use. A lot of the time the fish will go back alive so if you have caught enough of one species or another, they can go back if you wont use them. We don’t sell fish so if there is any left-over, it will be given to the old folks around the village FOC. As a rule, we keep only as much as people will take with them.


How far off do you go?

We go as far as is neccessary to catch some good fish whilst not spending too much time driving. On a half-day we normally drive between 40 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes (absolute maximum and only when the fishing warrants it) and we may be as far as 10 miles offshore. On a full day we could drive for up to 2 hours 15 minutes and end up 30 miles from home, normally we find our fish closer than that though.


Do you fish in the River?

Not unless you want to. The River is worth fishing for Gilt-Head Bream and it is one of the best places in the Country to catch them but bream fishing is not for everyone and we only fish in the river if it’s a Private Charter and that’s what everyone wants. The best, most reliable fishing if offshore. Unless you have booked a trip to go after the bream, you will not be expected to fish in the Estuary unless you decide to make the best of a rough day and still get some fishing in.


Do you fish in the Winter?

We fish pretty much year-round, although we may come out of the water for a month or so in the new year just for maintenance and improvements.


Do you do night fishing?

Not normally as Dan is busy during the day-time. Night-time trips can be arranged as private charters out of the busy season.



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