Weather and Tides




mobile:     07814191921


In most circumstances, email is by far the best way to get hold of us, either to  make a booking or just for more information. We don’t have a booking office so an email will be picked up at some point during the day when we have access to the diary, the tide table and the weather forecast, all of which are vital. We check emails at least daily and ALWAYS reply within 24 hours.


If your needs are URGENT and need to be dealt with within 12 hours, try the mobile. If no-one picks up (Dan may be at sea and have his hands full), send a text message. Texts work very well for urgent enquiries but again, if Dan’s at sea and your query needs the diary or the weather forecast then please be patient and we will get back in the evening.



We are very diligent when dealing with enquiries and reply to everyone, whether we can help or not. If you haven’t had a reply within 24hours, please assume that there has been a communication problem (garbled message, lost message or wrong number) and get in touch again.