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When you head West from The Helford, you meet Lizard Head, a point that Sticks out into the Channel and the Southernmost point in mainland UK. The Lizard creates a bottleneck for cetaceans and birds heading up or down the channel and consequently it is as good a spot to see as wide a variety of wildlife as you could hope to find. We regularly see Common Dolphins and Porpoise, Less frequently Risso’s Dolphin, Bottlenose and White-Beaked. During the summer and Autumn we have visits from Minke Whales from time to time and much less frequently Humpback and Fin whale 


We have run a number of specialist Private Charters for keen Birders, looking for the rarer offshore seabirds, with great success. We regularly see storm petrels, Great Skuas, Shearwaters (Manx, Ballearic and a Great Shearwater), Kittiwakes, Gannets, Gillemots and numerous other more common species. Because we attract the birds in, using the same sorts of ground baits as when we go sharking, not only do we get to see the birds, we get to see them close-up. We have had Storm Petrels hovering 5 metres from the boat and Fulmars and Shearwaters that you could virtually hand-feed. Even the more common species are fantastic to see at close range and the photographs come out beautifully.


Dan has become pretty keen on his bird-spotting of late so you can expect a lot of enthusiasm on the subject as well as a keen pair or eyes.



We get plenty of nice sightings of visiting birds from late June onwards but have great winter populations of Gillemots and Razorbills amongst other species.