Weather and Tides


Team Goundry after a brilliant afternoon that saw 6 fish in one hour. 10.5, 7.5, 5, 4.5 and a couple of tiddlers!

The Manacles reef is THE place to catch proper bass in Cornwall. The reef comes up from 180 feet deep to dry land very abruptly in places causing fast moving tidal water, big boils and eddies. Bass love it. 

Bass fishing in the Manacles on the Blue Pointer

                           A 6lb fish for an old pirate, Danny with one at 8.5 and Team Filor with a flock!


We fish live-baits on floats, if a Bass wont take a live-bait then it wont take anything. We use 12′ pike float rods, 2.5 lb TC (for those who know their rods), small fixed spool reels and braid making sure that a 4lb fish if great fun to catch, an 8lb fish is magic! 


Bass fishing in the Manacles

                                         More fine fish. If you recognise yourself, let us know.

Dan used to fish the reef commercially and knows the area very well, making him the only large boat able to get right into the reef to stand a proper chance of catching. A couple of others may take you to the edge of the rocks but Dan can have you step off the bow onto dry land, without sinking the boat.

Goose’s flock up to 8lb, Simon’s mate with a 6, Rich with a bevy from 4 to 8.5, Curnow Crew 9 to 10lb, Andy at 10

We aren’t really after large numbers of mostly small fish like you may see on the banks further up the channel, but we have the advantage of fishing light gear for some really good fish. 

        Dave and the Oxfordshire Massive, and a massive fish as well. 9 fish in 2.5 hours, Dan with a little one.

We have never caught an undersize fish in the Manacles and fish of 5lb to 10lb are what we fish for, rather than a surprise to see. Every year a few fish in the teens are caught in the rocks by someone but the beauty of fishing light for them means that even 4lb and 5lb fish are able to give you the run-around.


Because of the way we fish for Bass, we can only fish three floats at a time. It is quite a good spectator sport though as everyone can watch the floats and the fast drifts mean taking it in turns works well.