Weather and Tides

 5 Hours

Half-day trips are perfect for those who want a decent amount of fishing time, the chance of some really good fish, but for whatever reason can’t stretch to full day.


Half ay fishing trips in Cornwall on the Blue Pointer

We could fish for mixed species and have been catching anything from Cod to Haddock, the odd Bass, Gurnards and all of the other inshore species that you are likely to see, or we could fish the nearer wrecks for Pollack and Cod.  Really its up to you to decide how much you want to gamble and how hard you want to work.


You will be advised by Dan on what’s looking good given the tide, the weather, the crew’s interests and recent catches. If the wrecks have been fishing well recently, we may do a bit of Codding or Pollacking.  If you would prefer something more varied and easier-going , we will probably go inshore. If you want an almost guaranteed blood-bath, we will go for a Whiting and Mackerel-fest on the Falmouth wrecks!


The rule of thumb with shorter fishing trips is to keep it comfortable and keep it productive .But if you would like to fish for bass and don’t have the time to do a full day, there is nothing stopping us going after them. Half days have turned up Bass to 9lb, ling to 28lb, cod to 17lb and pollack to just over 22lb!